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Autodynamis' Predictions


Autodynamics’ Predictions

Many times was suggested that any theory, to be self consistent, need to predict future discoveries.
Autodynamics has predictions as consequence of its Quantum Universal Gravitation.

A.- All far away detected Galaxies must be smaller than the actual one with a factor around 1/2 to 1/3.

B.- As Universal Evolution consequence, exploding Stars and colliding Galaxies will broke its Solar Systems, sending their Planets flying free throughout the Cosmos.

C,- Putting together A and B the two actions, Energy Absorption-Mass Decay configure an Universal Fundamental Law for Universal Evolution.

Point A is derived from the Autodynamics Application to the Mercury’s Perihelion Advance and the Lageos Satellites Precession, arriving to the conclusion that to duplicate Matter size, 7.594 Billion/Year are needed.

Consequently, a far away Galaxy with a 1/2 factor need 15.188 Billion/year to get the actual size as our own Galaxy, and with 1/3 factor, 22.782 Billion/year to reach the actual size. This Cosmological Observation totally makes invalid the Big Bang approach.

Point B prediction is in the “Storm in Physics” book ISBN 0-9665533-4-9  in Chapter 6, page 131, “Planets traveling throughout the Universe will form new Solar Systems.”
This was posted as a new Cosmological Discovery in the week that we are writing this article on May 2011. See, by example, Nature Journal at”

Stars Rotational Period.

Astronomical Observation by a an Astronomer Group seems to confirm that any Star’s Rotational Period increase with Time, that is, its Rotational Velocity decrease.

In “Autodynamics Quantum Universal Gravitation any Celestial Body double its Mass in 7.26 Billion years. This increasing Mass given by Graviton absorption increase Momentum of Inertia, which in turn reduce the Rotational Velocity.

An Illustrative calculation show that a Star with 10 days rotational period will get a rotational period equal to 28 days after doubling  it mass and radius.
Of course, this illustrative calculation will change fundamentally in the future because is actually unknown how different Stars’ radius will change for different Stars’ type, etc.


In the Book: “Fundamental Basis for a New Relativistic Mechanics”, ISBN 0-9665533-1-4 Edited in 02-1999 on page 45 we can read:

Special Relativity:  Accepts the Uncertainty Principle of Heisenberg.

Autodynamics: For AD, the uncertainty principle is a simple question of knowledge about the infinitesimal world. The uncertainty principle is only a question of relative levels of energy, separated by many orders of magnitude.
The portion of the field that we can “see” depends on the “size” of the particle or energy that we use “to see” that portion of the field.

If we try to “see” an electron using photons, we will disturb the phenomenon in the way expressed by the Uncertainty Principle. (The energies are comparable.)

But, if “gravitons,” or better, quanta of energy of the order of magnitude given by the Balis(1) graviton (10-80 Kg.) are used to “see” the phenomenon, there will be no disturbance of the phenomenon, and the uncertainty principle won’t apply. (The energies are not comparable.)

(1).-This was proved experimentally: D. W. Pohl, W. Denk and M Lanz, Appl. Phys. Lett. 44, 651(1984). H Kerselmann, D. W. Pohl, Appl. Phys. A59, 89, (1994)

Now, June 2011 an experiment confirm the Dr. Carezani prediction:


The older AD’s Prediction is related to Electricity and Magnetism predicting that both will be introduced in the Mechanics as a particular motion of matter.
In page 69 of his book Fundamental Basis for a New Theory on Relativistic mechanics. Autodynamics, General Impresora, Tucuman, Argentine Republic. In Chapter 12 we can read:
In the text is possible to see the idea that Electricity and Magnetism only is a particular motion of matter (Quantum) in an unknown configuration.
Today, experimental results shown that a strong Electric field in vacuum yield Electron-Positron pairs and a strong Magnetic field yield charged p mesons.

It is not a property of the vacuum. The vacuum is only vacuum and nothing more. To the Carezani’s New Paradigm the creation of electron-positron pairs (Charged p meson with Magnetism) is a product of the Electric “field” (or magnetism). As field has not physical meaning the Electricity contain (is formed) by “particles” (Primeval Quantum) that could form the electron-positron pairs. This was postulated theoretically by Carezani as it is possible to see in his first small book published in 1951 where he talks about “Electricity and Magnetism are only a particular form of Matter in Motion.”


AD has papers where the Photon behavior is analyzed and explained, which show clearly that the results in the following experiment were explained previously by AD.

“Temporally multiplexed storage of images in a Gradient Echo.”

The article for Layman: “Physicist Store Short Movie in A Cloud Gas.”

The AD’s papers follow:


The Light Propagation and the Aether

Photon Momentum in a Dispersive Medium in Autodynamics

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