Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Never any Detector detected any Neutrino.


Related to "India giant neutrino observatory gets the nod" we are sending the following paper to who could be interested.
Dear Reader:

It is sad to see that the Indian’s Government (and now CHINA also) will be deceived because the scientists didn’t learn from History.

NEVER any Neutrino was detected by any detector around the World, for the simple reason that they doesn’t exist as the Experiment by W. W. Bouchner and R. J. Van de Graaff proved in 1946.

The Neutrino born by a Pauli’s misconception applying the Special Relativity (SR) equations - where the Kinetic Energy (KE) and Mass (m) INCREASE – to a DECAY phenomenon where the KE is CONSTANT and the Mass DECREASE.

This also was proved by another famous deceiving experiment, the SuperKamiokande, by manipulating the DATA (plotting together evens at different angles) - using a Booby Trap – hidden the results behind the deceiving use of a geometrical function (cosine),

We appeal to the truly Indian’s scientists (and CHINA also) to ALERT the Indian’s (China's)Government NO to expend millions of dollars in a Project condemned to an absolute failure.

Any question? Please, let me know. We could send more information.


Lucy Haye PH. D.
SAA’s representative.
Society for the Advancement of Autodynamics.
Long Beach, CA

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