Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Teaching Autodynamics Award rise to $65,000.00


To Professors,Teachers and group of Students.


The Professor that want to make a contribution to Science, teaching this New Paradigm, which will open the Gate to the Stars, will get, without any cost, the two AD’s BOOKS by R. L. Carezani, published by SAA (Society for the Advancement of Autodynamics, and two DVD on Gravitation and Science’s History.

SAA, in its last meeting, January 14, 2014, decided to soft the rules to get a Prize, facilitating the teaching of the New Paradigm, even, consequently, decreasing the monetary compensation, since the first historical stimulus is to be the FIRST making an important contribution to Science.

The Professor must teach Autodynamics TWO SEMESTERS, one per year, to receive 2 thousands dollars the first one and 3 thousand dollars the second one. Of course, need to register with SAA according with the previous rules. (Only a Publication in any local newspaper, where AD is teach, is required).

Any Student that unite a group of students to study Autodynamics will be take by SAA as candidate for this prize. It is needed to send a Photo with the leader and the participants with their names and the College or University. This photo will be, eventually published in this block under the title **The AD Pioneer**
The New Rule is reduced to the following paragraph WITHOUT the rule included in the “Press International” and in “References.”

The NEW Stimulus is offered to the FIRST 6 (Six) Professors that will complete the cycle, and momentarily to this limited quantity, as a test.

Replacing the two boos\k SAA will send a Binder with 30 papers that are not included in our actual blog.

 Any question please used the following E-Mail: lucyhaye22@gmail.com.


 To get this, unfortunately, due that our pass expectation was not plenty accomplished, and to one economic stimulus as it is offered below, the interested Professor must  send a Letter-Program espousing basically How, When and Where he will give the lectures. Also, attached to the Letter-Program must be send the authorization to him, by the Faculty’s authority, to lecture the New Paradigm.

Of course, that information should be possible to confirm whether via Internet or the WEB


The Postal address is:



801 Pine Ave. 211

Long Beach, CA 90813



What was offered above, is a help to obtain a small and UNIQUE stimulus  of $65,000.00 (Sixty five thousand American dollars) for the FIRST and ONLY ONE Professor that will get the qualification higher score for starting  NEWS in the International Press, especially in USA y Europe, on the teaching of Autodynamics, as a New Paradigm in Physics and Cosmology. (To see details section)


Of course, this small economic stimulus will go, undoubtedly together, as coming from a visionary, with the Glory to be the first to teach the New Insight, to a New Generation of Students, to create New Scientists, just because the actual one are paralyzed in the actual erroneous Paradigm.


Please, any fast consultation via Internet to




Sincerely tours.


SAA. (Society for the Advancement of Autodynamics)


Details Section.


Press International


Press International is a synthesis that will take in account the Newspaper, Magazine  and Scientific Magazine’s  quality and its relevance, as example: The New York Times, Newsweek, Wall Street Journal, TIME, Washington Post, Los Angeles Time, The Scientist, etc. in USA.


This same criterion will be applied to Europe y Asia, as England, France, Italy, Russia, Sweden, Norway, etc., o Japan, China, India, Australia, etc., with the same quality and relevance in the public information.




The publication’s references, that at least must come from five (5) different important countries, must contain the Professor’s name, the University’s name, which will play an important value to get the best qualification, and a clear mention that what is thought follow the New Paradigm as it is espoused in the AD’s two books: “Storm in Physics” ISBN 0-9665533-4-9, and “Fundamental Basis for a New Relativistic Mechanics” ISBN 9665533-1-4.


Final Decision.


It is clearly stated that the Final Decision to give the stimulus is under the SAA’s absolute discretion to decide if the International Information accomplish with the minimum required qualification by this detailed rules, without any possible appeal, legal or not, with the only intention, by AD, to avoid any tergiversation regarding the SAA’s goal.

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