Friday, January 24, 2014

Einstein's Photo-Electric Effec and its Consequence,

Einstein's Photo-Electric Effect and its Consequence

We received many times the CLASSIC Question: 

What is the Experiment proving right Einstein’s Special Relativity?

To tell the plain TRUTH there is NOT ANY experiment proving Einstein right.

The only experiment performed by Einstein, the Photo-Electric experiment, which gave him the Nobel Prize, proved Special Relativity Wrong!

The Photoelectric Effect.

The only experiment that confirm Einstein right is his Photoelectric experiment (P.E.E.), but unfortunately for him, CONTRADICT his Especial Relativity.

P.E.E.: A photon strike an Electron inside a material medium, ejecting it.

This yielded a surprisingly reality: His Photo-Electric-Effect CONTRADICT his Special Relativity because on it he support that the Photon has not mass as required condition to travel at c to satisfies his equations. BUT the Electron has MOMENTUM and the Momentum Conservation Law is not conserved between the Electron and Photon.

Einstein didn’t pronounce a word on this failure and the “Scientific Community” made the Ostrich classical action introducing his head in the sand.

Nevertheless the Planck’s equations proved that the Photon has mass using also the Einstein equation E = m0 c2 (1) (This equation was published in Italy TWO years before Einstein proposed it)

In Planck E = h f  (2) where E = energy, h = the Planck constant, f = the light frequency,

Following: (2) = (1)  h f = m0 c2  (3)        m0 = h f / c2    (4)     

p (momentum)  = m0 c (5) (Classical Newton),  p = (h f / c2 ) * c =  h f / c  (6)

This is confirmed by the Compton’s Effect experiment which is also explained poorly by the Special Relativity that cannot calculate its values correctly. 

The whole TRUTH is that neither SR nor General relativity (GR) explains any natural experimental phenomenon.
GR cannot explain neither from where is get the Force to Increase the Planet Mercury increasing velocity, which is call Perihelion Advance, nor the Lageos Satellites Precession. In the Mercury case the empirical equation give a value, as Newton also can do with different value, but both without any mechanism or machinery to explain it. In the Lageos case his space dragging proved to be another fantasy confirmed by the Probe B with a total failure to measure any value.

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