Sunday, January 19, 2014

Comparing the Actual Galaxies sizes with the Old one.

Autodynamics New Paradigm in Physics-Cosmology continue accumulating explanations in many new discoveries in this matter, which cannot be explained by the Classic Mechanics, and what is worst, neither by Special and General Relativity.

The Hubble Picture Published by NASA:

NASA published a few weeks ago a picture with the actual Galaxies size and the distant one around 11.1 bly. The Picture show that the far away Galaxies were smaller than the actual one, being the old one around 1/5 to   ½ smaller, which cannot be explained neither  Cosmologically by the Actual Paradigm including General Relativity, and , of course, Newton.

The explanation is very simple when we have the correct Celestial Mechanics given by the Quantum Universal Gravitation, where the Celestial bodies increase their Mass by the Gravitational Quantum (Graviton) absorption by matter, which provide the force that provoke  the Planet Perihelion Advance, the Lageos Satellites precession, the Spacecraft slowdown as the Pioneers 10/12. etc,, the increasing micro acceleration in the Assist action to increase the spacecrafts’ velocities, the increasing Gravity during Eclipse time, etc, under the fundamental Law of Mass Decay-Energy Absorption, which maintain the Universe in Perpetual Motion and Evolution.

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Regarding the Galaxies’ size related to the time that light travel to reach us the explanation is easier since the average calculated using the Celestial Mechanics through known values as the Mercury Perihelion Advance and Lageos Satellite Precession is 7.594 by to double any body mass in the Cosmos.


A galaxy with apparent size equal to 1/5 (0.2), to day it has 0.592 and with 0.5 it has 1.48. You could calculate the whole relative sizes in the picture.

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