Friday, June 22, 2012

The Crown’s Jewels (Big Bang)

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The Crown’s Jewels

A few Galaxy Clusters’ at 10.6 billions light years (bly) were detected in a photograph in the most distant astronomical field.

It is accepted that to form a Galaxy, 10 bly is needed and to form a Galaxy Cluster around 15 to 20 bly. Those Cluster “……..are expected to be incredibly rare in the early days of the Universe.” (Read the Big Bang).

The most distant Galaxy Cluster’s

 Now, the REALITY regarding “FANTASIA” of the 20 century.

The Big Bang is around between 13.3 and 13.7 bly year old.
If we add up the time needed to form the Galaxy (10 bly), the Cluster (15-20 bly) and the time that the light travel from there to here (10.6 bly) we get  35.6 bly, that is, 25 bly more than the Big Bang! The Clusters are 25 bly OLDER than the Universe!

This is the Paradigm created in 1927 by G. H. Lemaitre, a Priest, elected, in 1936, as member of the Pontifical Academy of Science.

If you sum up to this the Lorentz’s misconception, the Pauli mistake and the Einstein’s Special relativity you will have the most CONSPICUOUS wrong ideas inside the FANTASIA of the 20 century.

Galileo-Newton and Lorentz-Carezani transformation

Why is Pauli Wrong? For Layman

 What is painful is that this Pseudo Science of the auto-called “Scientific Community” is accepted without any reaction from, at least, one member valiant enough to tell the TRUTH.

Regarding the Big Bang, please, study the following;

The Big Bang (FANTASIA of the 20 Century)

Lucy Haye Ph. D.
SAA’s representative

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