Sunday, July 3, 2011

Autodynamics: New Paradigm in Physics-Cosmology

Generally, the Readers does not need to be versed in Especial or General Relativity, or in Quantum Mechanics, or in Cosmology, to understand Autodynamics as a New Paradigm; only a basic knowledge, and more that anything, a freedom of mind to think for oneself not strange to whom are interested into new discoveries.

To the Professional, the last condition is fundamental because each historical step prove without any doubt, that all that was refused originally in the pass, was always, finally, the truth in Nature, and generally what was accepted initially, the most far away from the truth, as happen with the Flat Earth, the Geocentric, and with Special and General Relativity. This historical conclusion is irreversible because the History itself confirms it.

To the Professional, to give away the Status Quo, is very difficult, due to prestige’s pressure, economics ties (so happen with the Government grants to researches), and a personal psychological reason regarding how he could be so long time wrong, even thought, of course, this is not a personal failure, as the History show. Each New Discovery, which encounters a strong resistance, will be the future New Paradigm. Actually this is happening with Autodynamics.

This Home Page contain a synthesis of decades of works to construct Autodynamics, which is now no less significant that the Newton’s work, and the Einstein in Modern times, even though Carezani considered it ill founded from the starting point. Meanwhile the first, Newton, contain some truth with respect to Nature, the Einstein whole conception, even sounding terrible, is a simple collection of Inventions and many simple Fantasies, as Time Dilation, Space-Time  Curvature, Gravitation Propagation Velocity, etc., etc.

Of course, to prove this deeply, is needed to study AD also deeply, until to be able to see the BIG and TOTAL Image that the New Paradigm has.

The problem is that, at the beginning, only a few privileged people can understand, in each Historical Step, the lessons that the History itself provide to them.

AD doesn't need an extra System of reference as the classic Galileo’s Transformation, take by Lorentz in his Systems Transformation in Relative Motion, accepted erroneously and blindly by Einstein

The final equations are similar, but meanwhile the first one, the Lorentz-Einstein’s create artificial energy from nothing, the second one, the AD’s equations, does not create that artificial energy; contrarily, only represent a Natural process in the Cosmo: Mass Decay-Energy Absorption.

The deference is abysmal, and a New Paradigm arises, which radically transform the Physics and the Cosmology in many concepts, as the most visible: Gravitation.

This Home Page is a simple one, even though AD is going far away as it is proved by the others three Home Pages, and especially, the two published books and a Text Book in preparation.

Everything is dependent from the reader, specially from the Professional because, studying AD as he studied Physics in general, will soon found that the New Paradigm involve a sand’s grain added to the actual knowledge, to go further scientifically, until to find the next Paradigm in the far future.

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