Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Why is Pauli Wrong?

Why is Pauuli Wrong?
The TOTAL MASS LOST insude the decayng Bi to Po, in units is equal to
                                                    1.16 MeV

The outside Energy is given by the Flaying Electron  Rest Mass (mo)
                                       plus its Kinetic Energy (KEe)

This  TOTAL ENERGY putside the Po needto be equal to the Total
Energy availablee of 1.16) MeV since the Energy Conservacion is
an Universal Law.

                              Total Energy = mo + KEe
                              1.16 MeV = 0.511 MeV + KEe Me
                               KEe MeV = 1.16 MeV -  0.511 MeV
                               KEe Me =  0.649 MeV
This is the maximum possible vulue provided by the available Mass
                              There is NOT ANY Energy LOST
It is NOT needed neither any Ghost Particle nor any penetrating Radiation
To conserve Energy. In simple words: NO NEUTRINO.
       Where come from the Pauli's LOST Energy?
He applied the SR's KE equation which yield, by pure coincidence: KEe =
-. 1.16 MeV.
This is IMPOSSIBLE because now Total Energy is

              1.16 + 0.511 = 1.671 MeV.
This value is  BIGGER than the available one equal to
               1.16 MeV

Yhere is NOT Energy Concervation: SR is Wrong.

                            The whole  citcle is closed

Ot is very well lnoen that the Bi Decaying to Po is due to the the Neutron
Decaying to a Proton-Electron. The Proton stays inside the Nucleud and
the Electron flying outside.

Neutro Mass = 2.008 664 915 74 au

Proton Mass = 1.007 825 032 07 au

Mass diference =. 0.000 839 883 67 au

To convert this to Energy is muigiplird. by 931.494 322

Total available Energy = 0.782 MeV

This Kinetic Energy is distribuited between the Proton which stay
inside the Nucleus , and the Electron flying outside the Element. As
the electron Rnergy os equal to 0.849 MeV, the difference from 0.782
Is taken by the Proton:

             0.782 MeV
         ~. 0.649 MeV (Kinetic Energy get by the Electron)
          = 0.133 MeV (Kinetic Energy get by the Proton)

The whole process is perfectly closed and in prrfectt equlity

0.649 + 0.511 =  1.16 MeV

Equall to the Total Energy available.

Neither Any Neutrino nor penetration Radiation is neede .

Pauli is wrong because Einsteiniswrong!

And also temember: All values are takind ffrom a prosaicc   table of Elements!!!

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