Friday, March 8, 2013

Entangled Superluminal Velocity

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Entangle Superluminal Velocity.

AD proved, at an elemental level, the Superluminal velocity in its paper:


 The AD application to a Feynman paper on Gravitation by a researcher now at Michigan University, Ulysses J Balis found a velocity equal to 27 c.

In the above paper Carezani showed that a velocity equal to 72 c is needed to fulfill the Energy Conservation Principle.

In the Cession experiment the velocity was found  to be 300 time the Light Velocity and Carezani proposed how to make a device to transmit information at this velocity using the binary system.

 In the Entangle problem he rejected the “instantaneous’ propagation velocity equivalent to an infinite velocity to be replaced by a finite one and yet thinking that gravitation could make the connection.

Now a paper published in the MIT’s Blog at

 The original paper in PDF format is at

The paper proved the Carezani’s prediction that the Entangled velocity IS a FINITE ONE.

The paper is clear enough to follow all the steps with details and provide simple figures to help to understand it basically even thought the technical details in all devices used are for specialist in the matter.

 The conclusion is that The Entangle Bounded Velocity is equal to 1.38 10^4 c.

 To AD, in a future no too much far away, will be possible to transmit information using the Entangled property between particles or photons using also the binary system.


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